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Episode 2 > Join the world's largest treasure hunt 22 May 2020

Episode 2 > Join the world's largest treasure hunt

Are you tempted by the idea of getting away for a few days? Throughout this summer, let's discover outdoor activities for your future mountain trips.
Today, let's focus on geocaching in Les Gets.
Geocaching is enjoyed by all generations. Photo: R. Burbant
First of all, what is geocaching? A life-size adventure just as mysterious as its name, which can take you to breathtaking places. There are millions of geocaches worldwide, including some in Les Gets. By the way, there are probably even some near you right now! This treasure hunt is 2.0 - to start finding them, just get out your phone and choose the geocache you want to find, then navigate to its location. When you discover the treasure, sign the logbook... and you are on to the next one!
We are waiting for you in Les Gets to find the geocaches and discover the resort in a different way. So, are you up to the challenge?
If you would like to discover this activity, book your apartment or chalet in Les Gets HERE. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions. 

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