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The Countdown to Summer 04 May 2022

The Countdown to Summer

As the final skiers descend from the mountains and the lift networks come to a close, there’s barely a moment to reflect on the Winter 22 season in our resorts of Courchevel, Val d’Isere and Les Gets. It’s true that this season began with some complications, especially for our British friends who couldn’t travel to their favourite ski resorts during the festive period. Since then, as travel became easier for us all, we’ve witnessed a resounding return to the mountains and it was a pleasure to welcome new and returning guests to our luxury residences.
As you might imagine, an exceptionally busy winter season results in a long list of preparations required before we welcome our summer guests. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the work already underway in your favourite summer destinations.

1 - Clearing the trails in Les Gets

Over 350cm of snow fell on Les Gets during Winter 22, each and every flake of which was precious and meticulously maintained during the ski season. But today, the snow must go! Ahead of the opening of Les Gets Bike Park on 26th May (it’s the first bike park to open each year in the Alps, incidentally,) the summer trails must be cleared of snow, beginning with those at a higher altitude and leaving the lower slopes to melt naturally as temperatures warm and spring arrives. In many locations, trails are buried beneath one metre of snow, but they’ll be in excellent condition once uncovered; the Les Gets Bike Park team prepare everything in advance of the snow each year and we heard there are some new trails and some exciting features to discover this summer!
 The Bike Park offers more than 120 km of trails, 3 lifts, a jump park, DH trails and much more!

2 - Maintaining the lifts in Courchevel

It was an exceptionally busy winter season across the Alps, so it’s time for those hard-working ski lifts to receive a little TLC. Pylons at all attitudes will be checked and re-checked to ensure their condition, while cables and ropeways will be serviced and repaired. You’ll often spot chairlifts, sans the actual chairs, as many are removed from their cables during the summer season to preserve the equipment and tension of the line. Of course spring is also a time to begin work on new lift projects, and we’ll see many new and replacement lift stations emerging during the summer months. The race is on to have them finished before the first snowflake arrives in the autumn!
 Head for the la Saulire !

3 - Striving for perfection in Val d’Isere

Winter 22 saw the opening of two brand new residences in this chic, snowy resort for the Alpine Residences team. Alaska Lodge and Vail Lodge welcomed their first guests in December 2021 and have been an exceptionally popular choice ever since. Our teams in Val d’Isere will undertake a thorough check of each property, reinstating our high standards and completing maintenance work in all areas in advance of our summer guests. Walls will be repainted, hot tubs serviced and deep cleaning undertaken as spring quickly turns to summer.
 Living room in apartment 6, Alaska Lodge.

4 - Learning from feedback across the Alps

We’re passionate about collecting feedback from our guests here at Alpine Residences, which means we have a wide and varied batch of comments and suggestions to work through during the spring months. Whether it’s an idea to make your bed more comfortable, a piece of equipment you’d like to see in a kitchen, a dish you’d like to try on the menu in one of our fine restaurants or a suggestion for a family activity in one of our resorts, we strive for improvement at every turn. Our team of expert concierge will be updating their comprehensive list of suggestions, providing guests with ideas and knowledge during the perfect mountain holiday.
There’s also no rest for our reservations teams, who are here to answer your questions and help you plan the perfect summer holiday. Whether you’re wondering which mountain resort suits you best, what the temperatures will be like in August or which apartment is best for groups, the Alpine Residences team have the answers.
 The Manali Lodge in Courchevel offers yoga classes in summer!
You can check our live availability and prices on our website or contact the teams by phone: +33 (04) 80 94 95 96. We look forward to welcoming you to the Alps this summer!

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