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What's newTravel experiences & good mood

28 Jun 2022
To many, Victor Schuller needs no introduction in fact. The 27 year-old ski racer was born in Colmar and brought home a bronze medal from the Super G event at the 2016 World Junior Championships in Sochi. Now sponsored by the Alpine Collection and with an exciting professional career area of him, Victor now trains and races in Val d’Isere, where you may even spot him on a chairlift this summer!
08 Jun 2022
Alpine Residences apartments have become synonymous with cosy, convivial time spent in the mountains with friends and family. Each apartment in each residence is unique, featuring well-planned, contemporary fixtures and furnishings to enhance your holiday. But this is not an accident, nor is it coincidence. In fact, every corner of every apartment in our collection has been carefully considered by our experienced team of interior designers, who’s role it is to identify new trends and themes from the world of interior design. Here, they share some of their favourite new products - you might find a few of them in your holiday apartment this summer!
04 May 2022
As the final skiers descend from the mountains and the lift networks come to a close, there’s barely a moment to reflect on the Winter 22 season in our resorts of Courchevel, Val d’Isere and Les Gets. It’s true that this season began with some complications, especially for our British friends who couldn’t travel to their favourite ski resorts during the festive period. Since then, as travel became easier for us all, we’ve witnessed a resounding return to the mountains and it was a pleasure to welcome new and returning guests to our luxury residences.
06 Apr 2022
“What’s the snow like in April?” you ask us. And whilst it’s true that the final weeks of the winter season yield fewer snowflakes and warmer temperatures, it’s also true that ski resorts expertly manage snow conditions on the pistes across the French Alps, grooming them to perfect each evening. Here’s six reasons why we love to ski in spring, and you should too!
23 Feb 2022
As family holidays go, the winter version takes significantly more planning than the summer. Who needs a refresher ski lesson this year? And where are the helmets? Have we selected the best resort for families? And what about the best accommodation? Of course, here at Alpine Residences, we have you covered on that final point, but there are many other ingredients in the recipe for the perfect family ski holiday. Here are our eight tips, and we’d love to hear yours too!
10 Feb 2022
As we return to the thrills of a new winter season here at Alpine Residences, let us not forget about how the year 2021 shaped our travel preferences; our decisions on how and where to take our rest time in addition to the standards we now expect, which have changed forever more.
03 Dec 2021
It’s here; the winter season you deserve, after several missed opportunities to ski. Let’s remember why we love this sport so much. Let’s remember our favourite ski resorts. Let’s also review the arrangements established in the mountains to keep everyone safe, and skiing, this winter. 
18 Nov 2021
Here at Alpine Residences we’ve spent the last 18 months perfecting each and every one of our rental apartments, preparing them for your next stay. The result? We know each property in each of our residences like the back of our hand. So if it’s recommendations you’re looking for, look no further.
13 Oct 2021
In December we’ll open the curtains - metaphorically and literally - on Val d’Isère. For the first time we’ll welcome guests to our brand new residences at the heart of this famous resort. Vail Lodge and Alaska Lodge have been exquisitely designed and lovingly constructed with you, our guest, in mind. Follow the guide and discover our reasons why we love Val d’Isère!
02 Aug 2021
This summer, our mountains are available to you with a wide choice of activities to enjoy with your whole family or alternatively with friends! Our advice to all explorers; welcome to your playground, welcome to our resorts in Les Gets and Courchevel. Let’s go on an adventure!
06 Jul 2021
It is normal for us to share our ‘summer best bits’ with you at this time of year. The French Alps provide a unique, restorative and adrenaline-filled holiday experience for families, couples and groups of friends during the summer months. But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, we asked Marie Walker, an apartment owner at Annapurna in Les Gets, for her thoughts on summer holidays in the mountains.
04 May 2021
In response to requests from our regular clients and guests, we’re delighted to announce that our exclusive Manali Lodge, complete with outstanding hotel facilities in Courchevel, will open this summer. Of course Courchevel is the perfect place to spend an extended break with family and friends in the fresh mountain air whilst enjoying stunning panoramic vistas.
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