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Un hiver au cœur des Alpes
savoie et haute-savoie

4 reasons to choose Alpine Residences this winter

3 Well known resorts 
14 Residences in the heart of the Alps
6 Original gourmet restaurants
3 Mountain Spas

Enjoy the fresh mountain air

Surpass yourself
Discover new thrills!

Surpass yourself

Discover new thrills!

In the winter, the mountains are the ideal place to follow your emotions and let yourself be carried away by your desires. Make the most of the magnificent playground that is the French Alps, try new experiences, a wide choice of activities is available for you! Below are some examples of unique activities for an unforgettable stay.

Thrills in Les Gets

Les Gets is an internationally renowned resort for mountain biking. You can do it year-round! It is a novel way to discover the thrills of skiing and enjoy the Alpine landscape in winter. Brings together non-skiers and skiers alike! Enjoy a breath of fresh air in all nature’s beauty on the safe, marked trails, available from 8 years of age.

Chills in Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère, nestled at the heart of the Tarentaise valley, is a resort which shines year-round. This village, which has become an international destination, can be discovered from all angles, on the snow, in the air and… on the water! A unique and new way to enjoy your mountain holiday: ice floating on Lake de l’Ouillette, is a new experience from Finland. Equipped with wetsuits, head to the frozen lake for a unique moment, floating in outdoor sensory isolation gives you a total connection with nature.

Surpass yourself in Courchevel

This way for thrill seekers and unique experiences! At nightfall, when the slopes close and the sky grows dark, strap on your skis and come on a special trip. Supervised by an instructor and equipped with a headlamp, you will enjoy a long night-time descent, from the peaks to Courchevel La Tania. At the bottom you have the chance to enjoy a well-deserved aperitif, should you wish!

Your well-being: the priority of your holiday


Your well-being: the priority of your holiday

Skiing holidays are, above all, synonymous with pleasure. Time for a change of scene, leaving routine behind and enjoying all of the good things which the mountains have to offer in winter. Fill your lungs with fresh air, and joy great local produce, allow yourself a moment of well-being and enjoy an activity to help you unwind.

Our Spas

Discover a genuine haven of tranquility where you can give free rein to whatever you desire. Enter the doors of these enchanting places and treat yourself to a unique experience. Our practitioners will make your moments of wellness absolutely sublime, using products from the brand Gemology which include trace elements from precious and semiprecious stones in their formulae. Alone, or as a couple, discover an entire range of facials, massages, mineral body care and beauty rituals.

The Kinabalu Spa, in the Kinabalu residence in Les Gets is your dream place to combine relaxation and wellness. The wellness area offers you a swimming pool, whirlpool, hammam, sauna and fitness room.

The Manali Spa in the Manali Lodge hotel in Courchevel offers a menu of treatments based on holistic wellness and offers body and facial treatments. The spa consists of a swimming pool, sauna, hammam and fitness room.

Le C Spa, in the Le C residence in Courchevel, is an intimate place where you will enjoy the ultimate relaxation. Spoil yourself with a relaxing one-hour treatment, followed by some time in the whirlpool and finish this relaxing interlude in the sauna.

3 wellness activities

In Les Gets, let yourself be carried away by the emotion and beauty of a sunrise or sunset over the Mont-Blanc range. You will depart at dawn or dusk, equipped with headlamps and snowshoes. It is an exceptional show! In Courchevel, in the middle of nature, try an individual 2-hour yoga session at the heart of the mountains to relax, work on your mental state and free you from all physical tension. Or head for the water sports center in Val d’Isère with its 5,000 square meters dedicated to sports of all kinds, relaxation areas, wellness, fun and fitness, climbing wall, sauna, hammam and much more!

Get away from it all
Make way for the great outdoors!

Get away from it all

Make way for the great outdoors!

With tree climbing, ski touring, freeride skiing, sledging, snowmobiling, dog hiking, snowshoeing and many other activities, ski resorts are filled with possibilities for your entertainment during your winter holiday in the mountains. Here is a list of just some of the many things you can do in Les Gets, Courchevel and Val d’Isère this winter.

For sports lovers

  • Tree climbing : In Val d’Isère, in the Rogoney Forest, you will pass from monkey bridges, zip lines and beams to footbridges for a great afternoon of family fun!
  • Moon-Bike : Treat yourself to a one-hour ride on an electric Moon-bike and discover the hidden pathways of your favorite ski resorts.
  • Ski touring : Go out for a morning on the slopes of Courchevel, a pioneering resort in the development of ski touring routes. You will discover 5 fully marked itineraries descending the resort’s slopes.
  • Freeride Zone : Strap on your touring skis for access to this zone located at the top of Courchevel, then descend using marked slopes. Our tip: Best the day after heavy snowfalls and with proper equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe are essential!).
  • Nordic skiing : Ideal for those who love to ski in quiet, natural environments, far from the usual ski resort hustle and bustle.
  • Sledging : In Courchevel, have a great time with your family on the 3 km Luge Racing slope circuit. Thrills and laughter are guaranteed!
  • Snowmobiling : New to Les Gets this winter and “zero emissions”, this fun activity which is respectful of Mother Nature and the environment, provides an enclosed, safe circuit supervised by monitors which will allow you to discover new sliding sensations.
  • Electric mountain biking : Discover the finished marked trails of Les Gets, in the middle of nature and take a deep breath of fresh air in this leading mountain biking resort.
  • Paragliding : Take off for an aerial visit of your favourite resorts, in Val d’Isère in particular, the ideal terrain for initiations and two-person flights.
  • Helicopter : The premium version of paragliding, take off in the warmth of a beautiful aircraft! You will fly over the Alps for a breath-taking show!

For those who prefer gentler activities

  • Ice floating : This new experience which comes straight from Finland offers total reconnection with nature. Put on a wet suit and let yourself be carried away by floating in outdoor sensory isolation.
  • Aquamotion : in Courchevel, the largest European mountain based aquatic center welcomes you all winter long in its many areas devoted to well-being, relaxation, and fun.
  • Snowshoeing : Strap on your snowshoes and set off with family or friends to discover alpine paths and forests!
  • Pottery : Treat yourself to a handicrafts workshop and make your own pottery in a sheep farm in Les Gets. An activity which is 100% authentic!
  • Alta lumina : In Les Gets, this magical experience will plunge you into a fantasy world where you and your family will share an immersive adventure.
  • Nordic excursion : With dog sleds or dog hiking, these excursions enable you to share unique moments of complicity with the dogs of the Great North, whilst enjoying the soothing environment of Les Gets.
Meet up
Share exceptional moments

Meet up

Share exceptional moments

The best moments are those that you share with your loved ones. With family or friends, ski resorts are the ideal place to have a great time and enjoy life’s pleasures. Whether it be fun, sport or unusual activities, wellness at the Spa or a typical Savoyard meal, a multitude of opportunities is on offer! Our resorts have been involved in the Famille Plus label for a number of years and guarantee a bespoke welcome and successful holiday for all the family.

Family activities

Go out for a family hike, young and old alike will marvel at the beauty of the snowy Alpine landscapes. Take time to discover the serene nature around your favorite ski resorts. Dress yourself warmly, in your ski clothes, for example, and some after ski boots. If you have small children, you may opt to pull them in a sledge as you walk and to use snowshoes yourself. Some marked paths of skiable domains are specifically designed for families.

Water parks are also a good alternative for family fun during your winter holidays. In Courchevel, Aquamotion offers you fun, wellness, indoor and outdoor areas. This guarantees great family memories. In Val d’Isère, the water sports center built for the 2009 Alpine Skiing World Championships offers you the same possibilities.

Many other activities are available and designed for families, such as the Alta Lumina visit in Les Gets, dog hiking, dog sledging and many more!

Lunches and dinners

Mealtimes are great moments for sharing. Our most important and memorable moments are spent enjoying a good meal. In Courchevel Moriond, we offer 3 restaurants with unique concepts. At Bistrot Manali you have unlimited access to the sunny terrace, accessible with your skis and offering delicious and generous dishes. In Manali Lodge, the Gaïa, our brand new sushi bar will welcome you in a chic Japanese atmosphere. The Le C Bistro offers you a menu of fresh local produce in the purest French tradition.

In Les Gets, in the Annapurna residence, the Vina Annapurna offers you dishes inspired by our mountains, la Bokka, our new Italian trattoria offers you an evening of la dolce vita and delicious Italian food! Last, but not least, La Croix Blanche, the group’s flagship mountain restaurant welcomes you every day for a sunny gourmet meal.

A multitude of activities for young and old

Skiing of all kinds

Alpine, freestyle, hikes or snowshoes, there are so many skiing possibilities. It only remains for you to choose your favorite or try them all!!


Sitting in your sledges, find the best route and descend the slopes and the bends. Thrills and laughter guaranteed!

Dog hiking and sledge dogs

In the company of dogs from the Great North, head out for an authentic moment in symbiosis with nature. Simply magical!


Take the plunge and take off! Flying over the snow-covered Alps is probably one of the most beautiful airborne shows you will ever see.


Move at your own pace and discover the forests and mountain paths. In snowshoes or on foot, you will doubtless have the privilege of encountering local fauna. Keep your eyes open!

Water sports centers

Wellness, fitness, and fun areas in these centers are perfect alternatives in the event of bad weather or simply if you wish to enjoy some variety!

Ice floating

Try this novel activity straight from Finland promising total reconnection with nature while floating in sensory isolation.

Tree climbing

Put on your jumpsuit and harness, you are ready for the treetops. Monkey bridges, zip lines, nets, beams and footbridges are your playground.

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