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Episode 6 > Alta Lumina, live an enchanted night experience 18 Jul 2020

Episode 6 > Alta Lumina, live an enchanted night experience

Are you tempted by the idea of getting away for a few days? Throughout this summer, let’s discover outdoor activities for your future mountain trips. Today, we introduce you to Alta Lumina in Les Gets.
From the 31st of July 2020, Les Gets village will be hosting a concept new in Europe, the Alta Lumina night walk. You are invited to setoff along the path of a travelling music-maker and his hot air balloon, and follow his incredible journey beyond the mountains.... Alta Lumina immerses you in a unique 45-minute experience, in the heart of the forest and at night falls, to awaken unique emotions through a wonderful interactive adventure.
Are you ready to live this magical moment with your family or friends and discover the natural beauty of the forest landscapes? Follow us...
An exciting adventure is about to begin...
A travelling music-maker takes flight in his hot air balloon, spreading enchanted melodies throughout faraway lands. But a terrible storm is raging in the distance… Follow the traces of this whimsical character and join him on his quest. Let your senses guide you along your journey, and let yourself get lost in a world of amazement, where music is seen and light can be heard.
You will have the chance to be immersed in this enchanting environment, and to embark along a one-kilometre pathway where the story is told through apoetics of light, music, imagery, set design and interactivity.

Our favourites

To make the most of this new adventure in the village of Les Gets, extend the sensory experience by choosing one of our residences for your stay. With family or friends, you are sure to find the apartment that suits your needs.
The Annapurna residence with its complete offer thanks to its restaurant and Spa, will be the ideal place to recharge your batteries in complete tranquillity during your stay.
The Kailash residence will allow you to prolong the adventure and the discovery of the landscapes by offering you stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
For an idyllic stay this summer in Les Gets, book your apartment or chalet HERE. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance for your booking.  

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